Sustainable Overlook June Meeting

Join us Thursday, June 12th from 6:30-8:30 pm
5523 N. Detroit Ave. near N. Killingsworth

What would you tell someone moving to Portland about how we can live sustainably here? What are the values and ethos that make Portland unique and can make it a better place to live? Bring your ideas for a “Portland Manifesto”. For inspiration, check out this article on the Manifesto for Planetary Health . Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition Movement) writes “One of the most fascinating things I read recently was The Lancet’s Manifesto for Planetary Health… For one of the most august and respected medical journals to argue that “the idea of unconstrained progress is a dangerous human illusion”, to call for “a new vision of cooperative and democratic action at all levels of society” and to state that “our patterns of overconsumption are unsustainable and will ultimately cause the collapse of our civilisation” is remarkable, and timely.”

Also on the agenda:
1) Drinking homebrew Kombucha or BYOB
2) Checking in on upcoming event planning: Sunday Parkways, Yard Sale/Free Share and the Sustainable Overlook Garden Tour
3) Sharing your ideas for the neighborhood!