Oregon Right to Know – Label GMOs!

The campaign to label GMOs in Oregon is underway. The effort is about “empowering people and getting the information that we deserve in order to make our own choices for what we eat and feed our families; it’s our right to know.” What’s at stake? GM salmon that could threaten our wild salmon populations and our health are about to be approved by the FDA, freaky apples that don’t brown when cut are in the pipeline and other products that consumers may not want but can’t make an informed choice to avoid if they are not labeled.

Many of us are making an effort to grow more of our own food, buy organic and non-GMO verified products but the truth is that the majority of food in most grocery stores already contains GM ingredients but are unlabeled. Even if we are concerned about the health consequences and we managed to avoid most GM food, the environmental impacts of GM crops (such as massive amounts of pesticide including herbicide use) are currently multiplying rapidly and are decimating our pollinators and polluting our water, creating resistant ‘Super Weeds’ and contaminating our seed banks – our heritage. Labeling will help us make informed choices about whether to support these practices.

“It’s no surprise Oregon is on the verge of being the first state to win labeling of genetically engineered foods by a vote of the people. We care about how and where our food is grown, we support family farmers and sustainable farming practices and we know that labeling is the only way we as consumers can truly know what we are eating and feeding our families.”

Huge corporations are spending millions of dollars to fight this effort – your signature is needed to put labeling on the ballot!

Sign the petition to let the people of Oregon vote on GMO labeling on the November ballots.

Go to www.oregonrighttoknow.org


Sign the petition on the Sustainable Overlook Garden Tour (Tour Stop 1) on June 28th, from 10 am to 3 pm.

Post by Mulysa Melco. Quotes from Oregon GMO Right to Know campaign.