Overlook Yard Sale & Free Share

The 2017 Overlook Yard Sale will be held this upcoming Saturday, July 22nd.

As promised, here is the interactive map that shows the households that plan to participate.

And here is a link to view this map directly within Google Maps (helpful if you’re using a mobile device while sale-hopping).

…also… Don’t forget about the accompanying Free Share that will happen the very next day, on Sunday July 23.

Items that neighbors did not sell the day before or simply willingly wish to give away to others will be left out near the curb of their home. 


Through reuse we are helping to minimize our neighborhood’s waste stream as well as reminding each other of the inherent value and embodied energy that all of these material “things” possess.

Every year lots of great deals abound as we turn unwanted items into newfound treasures.  Mark your calendars and come on out!


If you’d like to donate to Sustainable Overlook to help with the costs associated with advertising this year’s sale of if you’d just like to support our work around Overlook in general, please press the PayPal button below, sign into your PayPal account and make a quick and easy donation addressed to sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org