Who We Are

Sustainable Overlook is a committee of the Overlook Neighborhood Association (OKNA) in North Portland, Oregon. We were founded in 2010 by former OKNA board member Leslee Lewis, with a pair of neighbors serving with her on the steering committee:  Mulysa Melco and Josh Cabot.  Over the years, we have benefited from the help of dozens of active volunteers, in addition to the support of hundreds of neighbors and nearby citizens.

Over the past decade, Sustainable Overlook has sought to bring neighbors together to spark ground-up action around ecology, economy, equity and resilience, manifesting in summits, film series, garden tours, seed swaps, yard sales, and clean-ups.  Pesticide Free Overlook was also born out of these efforts, encouraging people to stop the use of pesticides in their own yards.  To date, this has been one of the first and most successful neighborhood-scale efforts to eliminate pesticide use ever undertaken in the country.

In the Fall of 2019, May Wallace was elected as the new sustainability lead for OKNA.  In joining our effort, May brings new energy to the team to help advocate for cleaner air at the public policy level, as it relates to local industry and transportation in particular.

Would you like to get involved? We welcome volunteers, donations, questions or ideas! Email us at sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org