Overlook Neighborhood Sustainability Summit

Overlook to host its first Sustainability Summit

by Josh Cabot

The Overlook Neighborhood has a built-in fabric of amazing individuals that always seem busy with activities aimed at bettering our community’s health, livability and resilience.  The folks that volunteer for Sustainable Overlook have met some of these amazing individuals over the past few years and would like to “circle the wagons” with these inspiring individuals and the neighborhood at large to learn more about the efforts of each group and how we can all coordinate our efforts to continue improving this place we call home.

With this idea in mind, we would like to announce the first Overlook Sustainability Summit to be held on Saturday February 21st, of the quickly approaching 2015.  The event will be organized into three chapters of presentations and whole-room discussions that focus on the three primary dimensions of sustainability:  ecology, economy and equity.  Topics such as going pesticide free, building even greater support for our local small businesses and supporting social justice at this micro level will all be woven into the conversation. Taken as a whole, we hope that this event will help us to better understand the landscape of community activism happening in our neighborhood and help to grow an even stronger community network.

The total running time will be about 4 hours and will include lunch by New American.  This event is open to anyone: whether you’re a local neighbor interested in bettering our little piece of Portland or perhaps a farther flung citizen that would like to learn more and/or provide insights about your own neighborhood’s quest for more sustainable living.

Sustainable Overlook will sponsor the event, however a donation of $10 is suggested for anyone who might want to attend so that we can defray some of the event costs.  If you would like to participate, either as an attendee, event assistant or panel presenter, please e-mail Josh Cabot at sustainable@overlookneighborhood.org.  Hope to see you there!